On November 11th, 2017--Veterans Day--teachers across the country will lead special classes to honor U.S. military veterans and their sacrifices. Every class will end with either a 22-breath or 22-minute meditation, bringing awareness to the 22 U.S. veterans who commit suicide every day. This coordinated national action is called Helping Vets Help Vets, will raise scholarship funds for veterans to attend a specially-designed yoga teacher training called VEToga.

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If you would like to participate and stay up-to-date with this exciting project, please fill out the form below. Note in the message whether you are interested as a participant, a teacher, a studio or a sponsor as well as any skills that might help us out! Please help us share and promote the event,

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First of all, it's yoga so come and get your yoga on! But, you also get the chance to do some good. On Veteran's Day (November 11, 2017), find a Helping Vets Help Vets class. Every teacher or studio that participates will donate their income from the class to the scholarship fund at VEToga. If there are no participating teachers or studios in your area, please let the studios where you practice know about the program. Use the buttons below to share with friends and followers on your preferred social media outlets, or you can email them a link to this page, https://bit.ly/bserve. You may, of course, donate to VEToga directly. If that is your wish, go to the Boundless Service Donation Page and follow the prompts. And share widely, using the links below.


This is a very simple way to help a population in need, and to make an impact in real people's lives. First, the Helping Vets Help Vets class on Veteran's Day (November 11, 2017) will bring needed awareness to the struggles of American veterans and the tragedy of veteran suicides with the 22-breath or 22-minute meditation. Instructors are free to choose which is more appropriate. The scholarship funds raised through a teacher and/or studio's donation of income from that class will help veterans become VEToga yoga teachers, uniquely equipped to help other veterans. Sign up! Simply fill out the form below so students can find your Helping Vets Help Vets class. Then use the social media links below to let everyone know what you are doing.


Sponsors can help make the Helping Vets Help Vets event a success by donating giveaway products for teachers and/or students to generate enthusiasm for the event. Additionally, sponsors can help by promoting Helping Vets Help Vets to social media followers and customers. Sponsors can encourage partner or affiliated teachers and studios to get involved as hosts, or let yoga practitioners know about the event and how to find classes nearby. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch! Sponsors will be credited in social media marketing of this exciting and needed event. Join us!

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